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We mobilized in public spaces to demand abortion access as an essential health service. We provided clear and accessible information for indigenous communities, people with disabilities, and migrants, thereby making the fight for reproductive justice closer to and more tangible for all people.

As part of Marea Verde Mx (The Green Wave, in English), along with the Simone de Beauvoir Leadership Institute and Balance, we consistently provided information about abortion as an essential health service. In addition to conducting social media awareness campaigns, we carried out actions for social mobilization, including participating in the September 28th march under the slogan “We Are All the Tide”.


We developed informational material on reproductive health targeted at historically marginalized populations: migrants, indigenous communities, and people with disabilities. This information includes video capsules on obstetric violence, produced in various native languages (Zapotec, Maya, Tsotsil, and Tseltal), which are being broadcasted by community radios.


Together with the Fray Matías Córdova Human Rights Center, we distributed kits containing reusable sanitary towels and leaflets with information on reproductive health care to people in migration situations in Tapachula, Chiapas.


We obtained an AA-type certification by following accessibility criteria for our website. As part of this process, we implemented a series of significant technical, design, and style changes to ensure our digital resources meet the highest accessibility standards. We integrated the use of alternative text, a high-contrast color palette, and other techniques aimed at generating accessible and clear content for all individuals, particularly those with visual impairments. Today, our website is more accessible, clear, inclusive, and non-sexist.