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We worked to change media narratives regarding reproductive justice, particularly abortion, contributing to publications in major outlets such as The Guardian, BBC News, El País, The Washington Post, Global News, and The New York Times, among others, addressing reproductive justice issues without stigma and promoting discourse around abortion based on health, human rights, and justice terms.

We generated public debate with 1640 mentions in media outlets from 37 countries across all continents, in 16 languages and with 168 interviews on our main topics.


Our communication strategy in favor of the social decriminalization of abortion was noteworthy. Regarding Supreme Court sentences, the right to choose returned to national and international headlines. The issue occupied the agenda for several weeks, and abortion was more visible than ever in television, radio, and both digital and traditional media. Our spokespeople and press releases shaped the predominant narrative during that time.


Our website positioned itself as a primary information source for journalists, media outlets, feminists, researchers, and other organizations, with 170,000 visits and 4,318 downloads of materials, research, and pamphlets produced by GIRE.


We celebrated 11 years of uninterrupted weekly blogging on the Animal Politico digital platform, where, in addition to highlighting our priority issues, we shared the experiences and processes of those we accompany in their search for justice.


We shared reflections and stories from staff members across all areas of the organization on issues such as feminism, reproductive justice, and equality via 13 texts published to our editorial space Limon, visited by 17,000 loyal readers.


With the aim of providing valuable journalistic content to position our issues, we created GIREPRESS, a monthly newsletter whose focus is on creating a new narrative and promoting coverage from a human rights perspective.


Through the digital conversation #HablemosDelAborto (#Let’sTalkAboutAbortion, in English) in partnership with Mutante Foundation and Pie de Página (an international media network) , we shed light on the impact of the social criminalization of abortion on women, transgender men, and non-binary people in Mexico and Colombia.