Ícono de corazón característico de redes sociales.


Judicial sphere victories led us to more diverse audiences. Our content went viral and became a reference point within the discussion framework. We positioned abortion, reproductive health, and care topics through trending materials and new narratives. Our messages transcended in a chain effect, with audiences taking charge of sharing them until they became viral, reaching over two billion people.

In the context of abortion rulings in Aguascalientes and at the federal level, our community of followers and sympathizers doubled.


Following the Supreme Court victories, we made the word abortion a national trending topic, highlighting the importance of these achievements in the fight for legal abortion in all Mexican states. Our materials reached 1,627,567 people and generated 109,252 audience reactions.


Via the Movement for Abortion Access, we highlighted the barriers that women and pregnant people face in accessing safe abortions. The materials were designed based on digital trends that engaged over 100,000 people, including decision-makers and abortion service users.


With a campaign that reached 339,711 people, we contributed to positioning the reproductive rights of transgender men, non-binary individuals, and lesbians in order to normalize and destigmatize the gestational capacity of these identities.


We highlighted new narratives in reproductive rights, care, and justice. We created materials that resonated with our audiences’ sensitivity, resulting in 331,818 interactions and reactions. This connection turned them into supporters of our issues.